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ZBT Improvement Tips

by Ken
(Chicago, IL USA)

Zildjian ZBT

Zildjian ZBT

There's hope for those of you (us) that could only afford to buy Zildjian ZBT cymbals and now want to throw them out the window because the sound quality is only a minor step up from garbage can lids! Here's what I've discovered:

The 18" crash/ride: there is a product out there called "Cympad"...check it out here at These things really help. Use a 60mm under the bell and a 50mm on top.

There is another product called Moongel. Stick one on the outer rim opposite where you hit the cymbal. This really helps dampen the nasty ring and overtones when riding, however it also deadens the crash. Make sure the cymbal is clamped "semi-tight"--don't worry, the cympad guards against cracking.

The 14" crash: INVERT it--that's right, put a 50mm cympad on the stand and then put the cymbal on--bell side down. Then put a 60mm cympad inside the bell cup and clamp it a bit looser than the ride. You won't believe the difference.

The 16" crash: not much you can do--I use a 60mm cympad under the bell and a 50mm on top. As you know, you've really got to hit this cymbal hard for it not to sound like a gong, and the cympads help to soften the blow.

The 13" hats: here's a good one....reverse them! Put the "bottom" on top and vice-versa. It makes a nice difference. Also, I use a 70mm cympad on the seat to sweeten the sound a bit.

10" splash: this is the best sounding cymbal of the bunch. Stick a 50mm cympad under the bell for good measure and to guard against cracking this paper thin baby--a regular felt washer on top is fine.

Well, there you have it--for a small additional investment, you can turn these Zildjian ZBT's into cymbals that you're not too embarrased to play. Surprisingly, they don't sound too bad on recordings either. I was actually shocked at how well the bell on the 18" ride sounded and cut thru the mix.

Hope this helps,

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