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Yamaha Recording Custom Every Pros Favorite

by Gretschman
(Hartford Ct, USA)

Yamaha Recording Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

I just wrote a review about this in a prior article on this site about Yamaha Recording drums. There are two kits I believe that are most sought after, played, recorded, hold more value than most as my ID/name says I'm a Gretsch player but I also am a devoted Yamaha Recording Custom player.

I own 4 Kits on Recording Custom 1st a Stage white kit Yes series NOS made in 92 A Limited Edition 14x18BD 8x8TT 9x10TT 13x13FT 8Lug VERY RARE W/+ 16X20BD 8x7TT 10x7.5 TT 8x12 TT 14x14FT 7x14 SD.

2nd Kit Black Yes series 91 18x18 BD Limited Edition 8x8TT 9x10TT 10x12TT 14x14FT 16x16FT 5x14SD.

Also, a 20th ANNIVERSARY KIT PURPLE FADE BURST 18x20BD 8x8TT 9x10TT 10x12TT 11x13TT 14x12TT 13x15TT 16x14FT 18x16FT 5.5x14SD.

VERY VERY RARE Steve Gadd Kit 14x22BD 8x10tt 9x12TT 10x13TT 14x12TT 13X15Ft 5x14SD all these kits are Smokin! Easy to tune, hold their tone and pitch great and my white kit is my favorite from Jazz to Funk, R&B.

Black Kit W 18x18 Bd real punchy great R&B kit and my Steve Gadd kit 14x22 BD 8x10TT 9x12TT 10x13TT 14x12 FT 13x15FT 5x14SD.

I was floored the first time I heard these drums and to me there are are only 2 kits that are a standard above the rest. Both are extremely well made, quality materials, craftmanship, most innovative, most immitated, most copied drums other drum makers use to set their standards against these.

1st for Maple Gumwood Gretsch once bitten twice shy about going to any one else for that sound. It's so identifiable 6ply Maple/Gumwood shells stagged seams, silver sealer inside shells, 30 degree bearing edges, die cast hoops they started it all with ply drum shells, still to this day all pros, I dont care who they endorse, I know personaly that most of them at home or studio play Gretsch drums and a Yamaha Recording Custom Kit.

Both have simular qualifacations Gretsch uses there Patented Silver Sealer inside there shells and Yamaha only in the Recording Custom series uses a Piano Sound Board Stain/Lacquer which adds to the clarity resonance of the shell along with their one piece high tensioned lugs which are put on using one scew top, one screw bottom and no gaskets between shell and lugs.

That would hinder the vibration of the shells resonance and notal area. Their 9000 series was their 1st with thinner shells some refer to them as their BlackEdge series still 6 ply Toms and 8 ply BD, next their pre yes series a thicker shell still 6ply Toms and 8 ply BD, then I consider there best yes series 90 on till 2005 6 ply toms and 8ply BD.

Now their configuration has changed since Haggi the originator designer innovator of Recording Custom Drums retired and now they use the same shell as on there Bitch Custom Absolute Series 6ply Toms but 7Ply BD the ply was xxyxxyxx all Birch now it's xxyxyxx but they still sound great.

Yamaha has an exclusive Air Seal system for making there shells perfectly round and stays that way. Gretsch was made by Jasper shells using a bladder system and mold to make their shells, both are terrific.

So there you have it, Yamaha Birch is exclusive to them only using Hokido Birch from Japan.

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Aug 21, 2016
20th anniversary Yamaha RC NEW
by: Anonymous

Forgot to add a contact for the 8 inch Tom I am seeking . A 20th anniversary blue burst fade. Willing to pay top dollar
Many thanks!

Aug 21, 2016
20th anniversary Yamaha recording custom NEW
by: Anonymous

I am looking to buy a twentieth anniversary Yamaha recording custom 8 inch Tom in the blue burst fade. Willing to pay top dollar.

Jun 23, 2016
Yamaha 9000 RC Stage White! NEW
by: Adam


Looking for toms and floor toms.
Pre YES and Japan made.

Best Adam

Aug 28, 2014
yamaha recording custom in grey NEW
by: Anonymous

hi im looking for a grey yamaha 9000 8 tom and 10 tom
any help appreciated

Oct 21, 2013
Need Yamaha Recording Cherry Wood Color Bass drum 24 x 16 and NEW
by: manuel

This is the best, ever!!!!!!

I am in looking to purchase a Yamaha Recording Cherry Wood Color Bass drum 24 x 16 and a Yamaha recording tom cherry wood color 15 x 13 or the complete kit. Let me know if you know anyone who is selling this items. Email at or call at 1-787-531-6840.

Need availability, price, and shipping cost to Puerto Rico
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Aug 20, 2011
Yamaha 9000.
by: Anonymous

Yhanks for somr interesting info on thr 9000's I myself hacing a slate grey,or solid silver kit dated back to 1983 but with all new ball tom and triple tree 900 hardware the drums come in at 8x8 10x9 12x9 14a12 & 29x14 kick...its apretty rare kit as 9000's go that I had completely restored with an all new laquered finish in keeping it as close to the origonal colour as possible "Not an east task in itself" but after some new tension lugs and hoop claws i must say the kit just looks like its come out the showroom..

My other kit is a DW collectors birch short stack tom with 29x20 kit in gloss black and gold fittings....Still love the 9000 over it thought?

Graeme UK

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