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Guide To Buying A Yamaha Drum Set

If you're thinking of getting a Yamaha drum set, there's some great info on this page that might just help you out! We'll cover where to get the cheapest price, what Yamaha offer, plus details of features and finishes. And if you want more detail, here's a link to our full Yamaha set reviews.

Anyway, let's take a quick look at the drum sets that Yamaha have available right now, and what features and options they include.


Yamaha PHX

Otherwise known as the Phoenix, this is the highest quality, most expensive feature packed Yamaha kit available. It's made with 11-ply shells of varying density woods including Jatoba, Kapur, and Maple.

The bearing edges are tailored to each size drum to enhance its characteristics, and the high-performance shell hardware is available in chrome or gold...nice!

As for finishes, you can choose between high-quailty Matte Natural, Matte Black, Polar White, and Cherry Sunburst on the Maple outer ply; or if you prefer a Burled Ash outer ply, you can choose Garnet Fade, Sapphire Fade, Turquoise Fade, or Amber and Black Sunburst.

Price: Make no mistake, this set is very expensive, but here's the cheapest price we've found online if you're considering it.

Recording Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

As the name suggests, this set was desinged for the studio, but it carries over into live use very well too. It has been a hugely popular set and it helped Yamaha become one of the biggest drum manufacturers around.

Made from 100% birch, the Recording Custom has a low, crisp sound with a good amount of attack. They've also been sealed using Yamaha's Air Seal System to give a perfectly round shell, even thickness, and a consistent tone.

Then, Yamaha pour on the goodies like precision-machined high-tension lugs, and nicely designed hexagonal bass drum spurs. Probably one of the best features is the YESS tom mounting system that leaves the shells unpenetrated and able to resonate freely.

To complete the look for this drum set you can choose between a high-quality Solid Black or Cherry Wood finish. Price: Again, here are the best prices we've found for this set online.

Absolute Series

Yamaha Absolute Series

The Absolute series is available in either Birch which offers a low, attacking sound; or Maple which is much warmer and resonant.

Either way, you get a great sounding set with features including the YESS II tom mounting system, the classic Absolute lugs, plus vent holes on the snare drum and toms up to 12".

If you choose the set with an 18" bass drum, you'll also get the pretty cool floating bass drum system that raises the batter side of the drum off the floor, giving a chunkier sound.

You can finish off the Absolute with a huge choice of 23 high-quality laquers including White Marine Pearl and Luminous White Sparkle. Price: If you're looking for a cheap price, here's a website that's worth checking out.

Oak Custom

Yamaha Oak Custom

Yamaha are leading the way with Oak made drums, and the Oak Custom shows just how great they can sound. Made from 100% Oak (no suprise there!), the sound is strong, hard, punchy, and wide open. It's not as dark as Maple, but not as bright as Birch either.

The hardware follows the quailty of the sound with great features like low-mass lugs, a floating bass drum system, extra heavy bass drum spurs, and of course the YESS tom mounting system to increase projection.

Yamaha have now increased the number of high-gloss finish options to 7, including York Honey Amber, Red Oak, and Silver Sparkle. Price: Not too many places sell the Oak Custom, but this website is likely to offer you the best deal.

Tour Custom

Yamaha Tour Custom

Next up is the Tour Custom that's made from 100% Maple giving it a dark, warm, and resonant sound. This sound has been further enhanced by the 60-degree bearing edges used on all the shells, and this also helps the sound stay clear at lower tunings.

More of Yamaha's standard quailty hardware like the YESS system, durable bass drum spurs, plus ball clamp and triple tom holder all make sure that you'll be set to go. You can also choose between a single-braced stand pack or a stronger double braced stand pack for a litter extra money.

As for finishes, this Yamaha drum set has 5 laquer options such as Brown Sunburst, Cranberry Red, and Natural Wood. Price: If you want a good price on this set, head over to this site and check out the latest deal.

Stage Custom

Yamaha Stage Custom

The Stage Custom is based on Yamaha's high-end Recording Custom set. It's a 100% Birch kit that offers comparable sound to the Recording custom, but without the heavy price tag.

Yamaha still include features like the YESS tom mounting system and the tom ball clamps, as well as the choice of some quality laquer finishes including Dark Blue Metallic, Gold, Raven Black, and Raspberry Metallic.

The sound is fairly warm and rounded, but there's plenty of attack as well, and it isn't too far away from the Recording Custom. You'd certainly be happy at getting that great Birch Yamaha drum kit sound for such a low price.

Price: These sets are quite affordable and can usually be picked fairly cheaply. Here's the lowest price we've found online.

HipGig Series

Yamaha HipGig Series

Last up is the HipGig series which includes 4 small sized drum sets designed with portabilty in mind. They shouldn't be seen as junior sets though. Yes they're small, but they can really pack a punch!

You can choose from the Club Jordan Cocktail Set which is a tiny set to be played stood up; the Rick Marotta Signature Set that is a full kit just in a small size; the Al Foster HipGig Sr which is a little bigger, and finally the Manu Katche Signature Junior Set that is meant for junior players.

All the sets are easy to pack down and transport, plus they have some great features such as the floating bass drum system that ensures the beater hits the centre of the drum head. The shells have also been made using Yamaha's Air Seal System giving a consistent thickness and tone. Price: The prices can vary for these sets, but here is the site we suggest you check out first.

Ok, that completes our summary of the Yamaha set range. There are some more detailed reviews in our drum sets review section if you want to read them. Hopefully this helps you out!

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