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Write for

Here at we are always adding new pages - gear reviews, articles, and drummer's never ending. Really! So, how about writing a page for all our visitors to enjoy?

Sounds like work I hear you say...well maybe a small bit of work, but it's really easy and writing about drums is great fun too. Besides, look at Uncle Sam on the right hand side there, you wouldn't want to disappoint him would 'ya? I didn't think so.

There are 3 types of page that you can write:

  • A review.
  • A drummer bio.
  • Or an article

The submission form is at the bottom of this page. But, first let's cover what is needed for each of these types of page...

If you want to write a review...

If you own some drumming gear that hasn't already been reviewed on the site, here's your chance to tell everyone what it's like. We can accept reviews of:

  • Drum sets.
  • Cymbals.
  • Hardware (stands, pedals etc)
  • Books.
  • Dvds.

There needs to be plenty of detail, really describe what it sounds like or what it's like to use. See some of the reviews already on the site for a better idea of what it should be like.

If you want to write a drummer bio...

Want to write about your favourite drummer? Great! You can submit a bio page for any well known drummer you like as long as we don't already have a page about them on the site.

Your page should include:

  • Biography, how they got started, career etc.
  • Bands and artists played with with.
  • If possible - their drum set up, cymbals, sticks...
  • Selected discography, the best albums or tracks they've played on.
  • Quotes

Check out some of the pages in our Drummer Database to get better idea of what it should be like.

If you want to write an article...

You can write an article on anything related to drums really, as long as there isn't already a page on the site about it.

  • How to do something
  • Buying guides
  • Live shows
  • Top 10's

Aim for about 500 words or more if you can. But, please don't submit any lessons. There is an entirely different section on lessons, but we aren't accepting pages at the moment.

A few pointers for writing your page...

  • Check your spelling with spellcheck.
  • Try to write in paragraphs of no more than 5 lines.
  • If you get stuck - take a break. It happens to everyone.
  • Please use text only - No HTML, images, or code.
  • Make sure it's all your own work - we can't accept anything you've copied from another site.
  • You can get information from other websites, but make sure you write it in your own words.
  • Have FUN - writing about drums, and drummers is great fun so enjoy it!

Page Submission Form

Please note - by submitting your page you are agreeing to the following:

  • The page may be edited in anyway to improve readability and search performance.
  • You are giving copyright of the page to
  • You understand that your page may or may not be used depending on how well it's written, and/or if a similar page already exists on the site.
  • This is YOUR own work and it is not copied from another website or other source.
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
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Your Page Here...*

Please enter the word that you see below.


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