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Tama Silverstars

by Marvin
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Tama Starclassic Drums

Tama Starclassic Drums


These drums are made of 100 percent birch. I worked at a drum shop last year and we still had a used Starclassic made of 100 percent birch. I moved the Silverstar next to the Starclassic and the inside of the drums looked very much alike almost like if it were the same wood used for their higher end kits and their semi-professionals.

When we tuned them the same and played around with them they sounded very much like the same kit.

Hardware And Features:

On the 10 and 12 toms there are 6 lugs. On 14 inch floor toms you get 6 lugs and on 16 you get 8. Bass drum, no matter what size is 8 lugs.

The drums come with a Tama Roadpro hardware pack, which proved sturdier than both my pearl vb and Yamaha stage custom sets when tried out for one of my gigs.

The bass drum pedal has a nice swish feeling that's a tiny bit away from the Iron Cobra Pedals Tama makes. The drums are made of triple flanged hoops. I personally prefer them over die-cast hoops because they open up the sound more.

These drums are also beautiful lacquered or wrapped to your liking. Inside the shells they have also been slightly brushed to give a nice golden looking wood.


The drums produce a wonderful attacking birch sound but still seems to have some great warmth to them. I could easily see this kit taken to a jazz performance as much as brought to a rock performance.

They are highly versatile. I enjoy maple kits more than birch but this kit brought enough warmth to the table for me to mistake it as a maple-birch hybrid if i didn't see the badge.

It has really good sounding floor toms, giving fat, dark, deep and warm tones. Rack toms giving brighter more attacking sounds and each tom has a distinct note when hit.

The snare is a very focused and in a hurry to be bashed to pieces. The bass drum has a really nice boom. I was very impressed by the single ply drum heads as well because by putting on some muffling rings they sounded much like more professional ones.

I really liked this drum kits sound and they have the same tonal qualities as the birch Starclassic and have a much better tuning range because of the triple flanged hoops.

Bottom line:

A ton cheaper than the higher end drums. But lacking very little in sound quality. They give you the best bang for your buck in this intermediate/semi-professional price range and I found the birch snare to sound almost like a steel one.

This is one of, or the best intermediate birch kits i have played. Amazing drums for this price.

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