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Tama Bubinga Drums

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B

So, you think one of the Tama Bubinga drum sets might be right for you? Well, hopefully this page'll help you decide!

We've checked all over the web to find out where to get the cheapest price, plus we'll cover what features and options you can pick from, and how these cool looking sets sound.

If you want to get a bit more detail on Tama's Bubinga drums, here's a link to our full Tama drums review page. We'll mention where to get the cheapest prices at the bottom of this page, but for now let's get into the features.

What's so great about Bubinga Drums?

In a word...Bubinga! It's not widely used in drum construction, but it has some really unique characteristics. The wood itself is dense and heavy, and that gives these sets alot of low-end power. But, they also have plenty of high-end, while the mid-range frequencies are less noticeable.

Make no mistake. Bubinga drums are high-end and will take a big chunk out of your bank account if you're looking to buy a set. But, that hefty price tag does get you one best sounding pro-level sets available. Tama have two main variations to pick from, so let's look at both sets up close.

Tama Starclassic Bubinga

Tama Starclassic Bubinga

This is the most expensive of the two sets and that's because it's made from 100% Bubinga. So, what does a 100% Bubinga set sound like? Well, as I mentioned earlier, its got masses of power and low-end, but also has a slightly bright high-end presence as well.

It's an interesting sound that gives alot of definition while being deep at the same time. The mid-range frequencies are lacking a little, but that's how Tama have designed it.

Something else that Tama have designed well are the features and I'm very impressed with the quality and functionality of everything. Low-mass lugs, die-cast zinc hoops, and Tama's Star-cast tom mounting system are all put to good use here. And, you can choose to have it all in Black Nickel, Brushed Nickel, or Chrome colours.

Among some of the other nice touches are the air-cushioned floor tom legs, and rubber padded bass drum claws to protect the wooden hoops. Last up, the finishes are freekin' awsome! There's a wide range of high-gloss laquers to pick from including Red Sparkle Burst, Vintage Gold Sparkle, and Blue Sparkle Racing Stripe (my favourite).

Apart from the standard Starclassic Bubinga i've just mentioned, Tama also offer a couple of slightly different versions. The Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune has special lugs that allow both the top and bottom drum heads to be tuned from the batter side (top) at the same time.

Next, the second version is the Starclassic Bubinga ELITE. The only real difference here is that the shells have been specifically hand-selected to match each other almost perfectly. And, the finishes are the best available with options including rare Cordia in Night Green or Natural, and beautifully grained quilted Bubinga in Mocha Burst.

Tama Starclassic Performer Birch/Bubinga

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B

This slightly cheaper Tama Bubinga set is actually made from a combination of Bubinga and Birch. Interesting right?! The shells are made with 4 plies of Birch with 3 inner plies of Bubinga.

Why? Basically, Tama wanted to have the attacking qualities of Birch but also the dark, low-end power that Bubinga gives. And you know what? It really works!

The set is punchy, wide open, and super deep. It's similar to the Starclassic Bubinga above except that it's not quite as dark and the mid-range frequencies are more pronounced.

The features are quite similar to the Starclassic Bubinga above as well. So, that'll be low-mass lugs, die-cast hoops, and Tama's Star-cast tom mounting system. And, then there are the air-cushioned floor tom legs and padded bass drum claws.

The finishes are basically the same too and include a variety of high-gloss laquers and sparkles. It goes without saying, but they look super!

So, how would you pick between these two Tama sets? Well, if you want a deep, but attacking sound with some brightness, go for the Starclassic Bubinga Performer B/B. If you want all the dark, low-end you can handle, go for the Starclassic Bubinga. Which ever you prefer one thing's for sure...the quality will be great.


Anyway, now we've covered the features, i'm guessing you want to know where you can get these sets at the lowest price right? Well, here's the cheapest price i've found online, and they'll give you free delivery as well.

So, there we have the Tama Bubinga drum sets in a nut shell. There are some more detailed Tama drums reviews here if you want to check them out. Happy drumming!

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