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Peart Is Always Tops, Chamberlain Should Be

by Evan

Matt Chamberlain

Matt Chamberlain

Neil Peart seems to always top the lists (like this one voted on by fans:

I personally think Carter is tasteless. Bonham was an innovator, and the fact that he could play the way he did while he was completely blasted makes it all the more impressive.

I think that Matt Chamberlain deserves to be high on any list. Not only is he a technically fantastic drummer, he knows how to play on a pop/rock song intuitively better than anyone.

Technical skills, feel, taste, and restraint... Not too many great drummers--actually not too many talented MUSICIANS in general have that mixture of skills.

Sure it's fun to listen to Keith Moon wail on drums for 8 straight minutes in songs like "Won't Get Fooled Again," though. Maybe taste isn't so important after all! :)

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Oct 29, 2015
Education NEW
by: Lola Kearney

Neil Peart is a wonderful, amazing drumster while Matt Chamberlain is really amazing too. But both have different places and different styles so they should not be compared. Do you know? best paper writing service have a Drum and drumster as a big upcoming topic of discussion. In which best drumster of all the times discusses in so much detail. These two are also a part of the discussion which is fun reading.

Jul 13, 2011
top drummers
by: kemper

im tired of "best ever drummer" talk or top 20. there are just waaaayyy too many great drummers out there. i love peart, bonham, beauford, carrey,van halen, paice, purdie, gadd, coluita, the list is endless. by the same token, ive never seen the appeal in moon, to me he was sloppy and overplayed. my point being, one mans garbage is another mans treasure. we all have opinions, none are right or wrong. that being said, everyone please youtube "bobby jarzombek", to me, this guy is close to the top of the heap in the hard rock/ metal catagory. amazing skills. then again, so does mangini, lang, hoglan, portnoy, get the point!!!

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