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Orion: my Review

by Jerry
(Huntington Beach ca)

Mapex Orion

Mapex Orion

This Mapex set absolutely rocks my world! I bought my birds eye maple set used from a recording studio. I have not bought new drums since I bought my Fibes clear kit over 30 years ago.

The kit is everything you say it was and more, it enhances my playing, paradiddles sound just like a freight train, the bass drum is a 22/16 and really cuts through.

If you can't afford a new kit (they are as you said, expensive) then find them used. Drums don't deteriorate much through the years if you handle with care so just do your homework and find a set you like.

I just intuitively knew I would like this set so I bought it sight unseen. I was glad I did as drums don't get better than this.


Check here for deals on the Mapex Orion, or try looking on eBay too!

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Jun 08, 2010
by: pOoRaSsAkiD

I agree totally with what you said. I have been playing since I was 8yrs old and now I am 46.

Did the band on the road thing for years with a small stomach and big heart for the music cause I sure didn't get paid much. So, I had enough and packed the sticks away for the last 8 yrs.

Just before the new year I sat behind a few sets and didn't feel the groove or get my chops back like I thought I would.

Then I sat behind a red "ORION" set and (as I say this I get a shiver down my back)...these drums are the most incredible piece of craftsmanship. I just did not know it was possible to feel, hear, and play anything like these!

Thank God because I am now practicing getting ready to receive my Orion kit. Honestly,
if you need a pick-me-up and wondering why your not into playing anymore, sit behind every other brand of drums, which will be OK, then get behind the Orion's and wait and see what happens.

Like Jerry (Huntington Beach, ca) said..."your paradiddles will sound like a freight train". You will want these Awesome Kick Ass Drums!!

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