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Old Yamaha Recording Custom...yeah ;)

by Tom

Yamaha Recording Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

Hello everybody (sorry for my poor english). I am drummer from Poland and I have old recording custom from 1988. The drums and sound is really great! I played on it a lot of years and I have it all the time (to this day).

I play on it here:

and here:

Only one drum set is better for me now - It's Tama LIMITED exotix bubinga - the sound of it is like fusion (hybrid) of yamaha recording and exlusive maple (gretsch or dw). Amazing!

I think - it's one of the best drum sounds in the world. It was only 150 drumsets (from 2004 edition). My drums has number 115/ 150 with certificat.

Here I play on it: (logo on the bass is DW but drums is Tama limited exotix bubinga:

Good day everybody!

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