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My Shimmer of Oz Pearl Reference kit.

by Mike M

Pearl Reference

Pearl Reference

I own both a Pearl Reference, and a DW collectors series kit. I play metal and alternative music, for the most part.

For metal, the Reference is unmatched in my opinion. Sub sonic kick drums matched with focused tone on the toms. The 20 ply snare goes off like a gunshot, with minimal effort.

However, you have to tune them high if low fat tone is not for you. I have mad respect for DW, because of the midrange tone of the maple. Tune them higher or lower, tone stays awesome.

If you want to play many styles, the DW is king. Want low FAT tone? The Reference is Godzilla reincarnated into a drum kit. Wonderful tone, and easily tuned. The DW is harder to tune, but so worth it. Peace out.

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Nov 21, 2016
Reference Bass drums not that good NEW
by: William

I have had 6 reference kits and just bought a reference pure. I would agree that the bass drums left me wanting. I have had several 20's, 22's, and 24's. However, the reference pure 22 x 18 sounds better than the previous 5 and the 20 x 16 reference I just picked up sounds good with an Aquarian Superkick II. That is 2 bass drum out of 7 that I liked. I treat them like a commodity and sell them when I want to try another brand and buy them back when I find a good deal. I like the Tama Bubinga Elite better but I am not a pro. I have 2 Gretsch USA Custom kits that will be hard to let go of. I did not like the Tama B and B except for the bass drum. he small toms had no tone but I am not a pro. I had issues with the Yamaha Phoenix so I am either an idiot or very picky.

Aug 27, 2015
Pearl Reference Bass drum NEW
by: Anonymous

I just bought the Pearl Reference kit a few months ago and I am very disappointed with the sound of the bass drum. It is really difficult to get a good tone out of it. I have tried various heads and it still lacks the warmth and resonance that I am looking for.... It sounds best when played lightly but when hit hard there is so much attack it sounds like hitting a piece of cardboard. The toms sound really good. If I could just the bass drum to sound right I would be very pleased.

Jan 02, 2015
Reference kit NEW
by: Anonymous

I own a Pearl Reference kit and find them to be the most difficult toms to tune of any brand I've ever owned. My Premier XPK kit sounded 100 times better, and I thought I was moving up by spending triple for these. Nope. Wish I had chosen more carefully, I do not recommend them.

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