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My Ludwig Vistalite Review

by Eric S
(Freehold, NJ, USA)

Ludwig Vistalite

Ludwig Vistalite

Several years ago, I became the proud owner of a double bass set of 1970's Vistalites. I had wanted to own a set of Vistalites ever since I first heard them back in 1973. The sound from these drums is like nothing else.

I do have to disagree with the writer of the original review. These drums WILL crack if you are not careful. Yes, the shells are thick, but they are made of acrylic plastic. This means that if you over tighten any screw, you will cause a stress fracture in the shell.

These fractures will lead to full blown cracks. If you have a shell that is cracked, there is a product called Weld-On that will fuse the crack and prevent it from cracking further. Weld-On is a must for anyone who owns an acrylic set.

As far as the sound goes, these do not have the warmth of a wood shell. They were made to project. And project is exactly what they do. At first, I found the drums to have a sound that rings a lot more than other drums.

This "problem" is corrected with Evans Hydraulic heads and a good knowledge of how to tune drums (you would be surprised to know just how many drummers have no idea of how to tune a drum!).

The bass drum is thunderous when used with a hard wood or acrylic beater. The hard felt beaters seem to deaden the sound a bit.

While I do use mics (Audix f10"s and f12's), they really aren't needed unless you are playing a very large venue. As I stated earlier, these drums project!

I have played vintage Slingerland, Rogers and Ludwig kits. As well as modern Tama's. In my opinion, none of them compare to the power of the Ludwig Vistalite kits.

Expensive? Yeah, they could put a strain on your bank account. However, what quality made drum set doesn't?


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Sep 18, 2016
Crack repair NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion for repairing cracks. Which type of Weld On do you recommend?

Apr 27, 2016
Re: Vintage Ludwig Vistalites NEW NEW
by: Anonymous

AnRon Anelloonymous,

Tell us more about that set of vistalites from 1978 that you found after being stored for 25 years ...

May 05, 2014
Vintage Ludwig Vistalites NEW
by: AnRon Anelloonymous

I bought my first set in 1973 and played they at Disneylands Coke Terrace(outside)with the house band in 74 and 75. They did everything they were made to and more. I have used Tama's the last few years and loved them, however for that big ,classic 70's rock sound the vistalites are my drum of choice. I recently found a set of vistalites from 1978 that were stored for 25 years and have virtually no flaws.I plan to play them for the rest of my days. Beautiful,full tone and projection. My opinion,The best!!!

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