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My Ludwig CS Accent Custom Elite User Experience

by Steve Vollo
(Atlanta Georgia USA)

Ludwig Accent

Ludwig Accent

Hi, I just had to comment on the Ludwig Accent. I'm a professional drummer currently drumming for Blind Five-0 in Atlanta. I have used this kit since 2006 and have no issues.

It's well made, finish is like glass, and the shells sound better every year. This is one of those blind purchases I made with not really seeing or playing them before they arrived on my doorstep.

So as the years and the gigs have gone on, I tend to play other kits at local jams. Kits that cost 4x the price of the Ludwig Accent. The Ludwig Birch cs's sound better period. They resonate better (Birch vs Maple my opinion), the punch is fatter and crisper.

But, now comes the real surprise...listening to the Accent in a professional recording session. The band and I were pleasantly surprised. The sound is very focused and tonally pleasant. I have pinstripe drum heads on all batter applications and the stock resonant still used. I use the Power snare (6.5"x14") for outside venues and the Black Beauty or the Supraphonic LM400 for indoor events.

Since the first purchase of the power kit, I have since added four more drums. The hardware is very heavy duty and embraces the Ludwig logo on all 300 series stands. In fact, the hardware is too heavy, it's overkill in some respect.

What's really neat about the kit is everything that is chrome (stands, drum legs, stand components, etc.) THEY ARE ALL MODULAR. I can take the tom tree from the bass drum and put it in a cymbal base and create a new double tom stand. I can clip the tom tree to a cymbal stand and hang a drum below a cymbal.

The is a pro-level kit. The options are endless. No one seems to mention this. It's just one of the purchases that I made that keeps sounding great and doing great things.

The Ludwig Accent redefined Ludwig in the early millennium, killed the life of their USA Birch classic series, and really caused Ludwig a dilemma. They pitched it with planet Z cymbals and hinted it was for the demanding player.

But, the price point was $600. Within 18 months they doubled the price and added some glitter finishes that were spayed on. They never skimped on a wrap.

These Drums were made by the largest drum manufacturer in the world...BasiX in China. The shells have hand written tags with signatures of the individual who built the drums. So if your considering buying a Ludwig Accent, you cannot go wrong.

They are well built, great sounding drums and I will put them up against any USA (which are still China component) drums. Don't let all that Marketing marvel about tonal timbre and X whatever confuse the buying process.

It's just Voo-doo talk that could make a slight difference, but I have never noticed a big sound improvement when playing these high price kits. Any drum can sound great when it's properly tuned with the right choice of Mylar. But remember, you can change the heads but not the wood.

By Steve Vollo.

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Aug 04, 2010
Steve Vollo
by: Anonymous

My My My... I must admit Steve Vollo does know his drums, I should know. I have heard about these drums and their value so many times that I think I can drum and I'm tone deaf!

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