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"Meeting" Buddy Rich

by Ted MacKenzie
(Ballston Lake, NY USA)

Buddy Rich Karate Chops A Box

Buddy Rich Karate Chops A Box

It was 1968, I had just finished my drum lesson with Henry Adler. I would hang out at Henry's drum shop after the lesson.

Buddy Rich entered the store. The few people in the store fell silent as He swaggered in. He passed me and I asked, "Buddy, are you performing in the (NYC) city tonight?" He turned and got in my face. I was 19 and my idol was in my face!

We stood there for a while. If I was at all clever, I would of said, "OK, I'll just listen to the records!" He would have loved me, but I was in shock!

He turned away with the intent to give the student behind Henry Adler's door, a hard time. Buddy grabbed the door knob holding the door so Henry couldn't open to see Buddy. He brutally berated the kid telling him to use his "*@#^% wrists -I never use anything but my wrists, you little S%^#!"

Buddy let the door open and the kid looked desperately at Buddy Rich. "Oh Buddy", Henry said and walked out of his studio to embrace Buddy. Buddy scooted up on Henry's counter next to the cash register and continued to be irritable as he karate chopped a box with a foot pedal inside that he was purchasing.

I left the store in amazement.

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Oct 20, 2017
"Oh Buddy" NEW
by: Jeff

Great story! Thank you for sharing! I'm sure Buddy's attitude (that day) was as a result of being asked questions about his technique constantly, as well as from being so competitive that he already wasn't interested in sharing tricks.

There is also every reason to believe Buddy enjoyed messing with anyone he deemed (in the moment) to be timid.

Martial Arts guys get like this.

I'd be very interested to know specific forms of Martial Arts he practiced.
I suspect he had a 3rd degree black belt ju-jitsu
and had knowledge of Gakun (Pronounced Gakoon)
although all I can find is he studied Goju Ryu, which is a pretty general Japanese style focused on kicks and punches.

The previously mentioned styles of Martial Arts focused on finger,hand strength and dexterity. Pinky, and grip strength are highly emphasized, and one tends to get much stronger wrists, just as a result of practicing these holds and having the wrist locks applied to you. There is almost no substitute for strengthening or widening ones wrists

just my opinion

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