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Guide To Buying A Mapex Drum Set

Think a Mapex kit might be right for you? Well, this short guide will help you find out! We'll cover where to get the cheapest price, which Mapex sets are available, plus what features and finishes you can get. If you want some more detail, here's a link to our Mapex drum set reviews.

Ok, what kits do Mapex have to offer? And what features and options they include? Let's take a look.

Mapex Orion

Mapex Orion

Flying the flag for Mapex is the Orion Series. It's their most expensive set and is made from 100% North American Maple (yum!). And if you think that means it'll have a warm, resonant, powerful'd be right!

The set is also packed with a load of top featues like Mapex's I.T.S tom mount system, 2.3mm powerhoops, spring-loaded floor tom legs, and low-mass lugs that are available in chrome, black, or gold. Plus, the set is supplied with some quality Remo drum heads.

The choice of finishes are nice with high-gloss laquer options including Teal Burst and Ocean Blue Sparkle. Interestingly, Mapex have actually added an outer ply of Burl Maple to the shells for these finishes to be applied on.

Price: This drum set is a real contender if you're looking for a pro-level set. It'll cost you a bit, but here's the cheapest price we've found online.

Mapex Saturn

Mapex Saturn

Continuing with the space-themed names, the next top-end set is called the Saturn. This is similar to the Orion except that instead of being made with 6 plies of Maple, it's made with 4 plies of Maple plus 2 inner plies of Walnut.

This makes the sound a bit darker than a 100% Maple set, but its still got a deep and wholesome tone. They project well too and it's clear to see why many pro players are using this set.

The features are basically the same as you get on the more expensive Orion set, except they're not available in gold. Included is the I.T.S tom mount system, 2.3mm powerhoops, high quality die-cast claw hooks on the bass drum, and low-mass lugs.

The finishes for this Mapex drum set are all high-gloss laquers. Colours like Green Apple Burst and Blue Galaxy Sparkle, among others, are available and look great! Really great! Price: Again, here are the best prices we've found for this set online.

Mapex Meridian

Mapex Meridian

The Meridian is Mapex's mid-priced drum set and you can get one in Maple or Birch. It's proved to be a popular set and won the MIPA drum set of the year award 2009...pretty good!

The Meridian Maple shells are made with 7 plies of decent quality Maple and have a warm, musical sound. On the other hand, the Meridian Birch shells are made with just 6 plies of Birch and are more attacking and bright sounding. You do get a really good sound for price so it seems the award was deserved.

Both sets come with the same features including the ITSTM tom mount system, low-mass lugs, 2.3mm powerhoops, spring cushioned floor tom legs, recessed bass drum claws, and Remo drum heads.

Last of all, the finishes complete the look with high-gloss laquers available for both sets. Some of the colours on offer are Transparent Cherry Red, Indigo Mist, and Platinum Sparkle. They're great quality and look good under stage lights.

Price: If you're looking for a low price on the Merdian, here's a site that is usually quite cheap with free delivery.

Mapex Horizon

Mapex Horizon

Replacing the previous Q Series is the Horizon. This set is made from Basswood which is a cheaper option than Maple or Birch. This means the sound isn't quite as good, but it would make most beginning players happy.

Still, Mapex have put some good features on this set including a new double tom holder, a basic version of the I.T.S tom mount system, low profile bass drum claw hooks, memory locks, low-mass lugs, and Remo drum heads. So, they definately haven't skimmped on the goodies! Oh yeah, and they package it with the 500 series hardware too.

You've got 7 high-gloss finshes like Crystal Sparkle, Indigo Steel, and Burgundy Steel to pick from as well. They're not amazing but do look pretty good. Price: The best thing is that this Mapex set is going for a good price, and here's a site that's worth checking out for a good price.

Mapex Voyager

Mapex Voyager

The entry-level set is called Voyager (a bit like Star Trek Voyager?...hmm...maybe not). It's made from basswood like the Horizon, and has a similar standard sound. If you're starting out on drums, this could be for you.

The features on the Voyager are basic but still functional with a double tom holder, set-up DVD, low-mass lugs, and Remo drum heads. You'll get a 330 series hardware pack too, and you have the option getting some basic Mapex cymbals with it as well. Everything you'd need to get started.

The finishes are quite basic but reasonably nice looking. You can choose from Black, Burgundy, or Snow White wraps. Price: If you want a good price on this set, we recommend you head over to this site and check out the latest deals.

Ok, that completes our summary of the Mapex drum set range. There are some more detailed reviews in our drum sets review section if you want to read them. Now go get that bargain!

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