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Derrick Plourde - An Unknown But Very Skilled Individual

by George

Derrick Plourde

Derrick Plourde

Derrick Plourde was in bands such as Lagwagon, The Mad Caddies and the Ataris. He sadly committed suicide in 2005, but left behind a trail of tasty beats, a very fast paced totally full style of drumming.

Many punk fans will know tracks such as Mr coffee and bee goggles - to write a drum beat such as these takes true imagination. Seriously if you like drummers who play quickly listen to these tracks.

Another Drummer who has to fill his shoes when leaving Lagwagon was Dave Raun - he too plays very quickly and precisely and has had to adapt to Derrick's crazy style of drumming in order to be able to play these tracks with the bands. He also drums for Me first and the Gimme Gimmes, although this does not always broadcast his talent.

See these videos...

Mr Coffee CD version Derrick.

Mr Coffee live Dave.

Two unbelievable men.

Other views on the top 100 were that is was good to see Josh Freese in there, however Joey Jordison!!!??? Where was he? I don't like metal much but he is truly amazing.

I think Ringo Starr was okay but technically i don't see him as a top 100 drummer, the band didn't need a top 100 drummer in my opinion.

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Mar 02, 2016
uff NEW
by: Anonymous

gud artical

Nov 13, 2015
Derrick NEW
by: DanSimon

Actually I'm pretty sure Boz Rivera played Mary Melody, both he + Derrick played on that album, i believe. I know 4 sure they split drum duties on The Holiday Has been Canceled EP.(mad caddies) Boz is the point of this post. Hes another drummer who played with mad caddies and RKL. RKL is where u will see Derrick + Boz's most aggressive playing.. its sometimes hard to find the best video footage... I loved Derrick, met him a few times, nice guy . Ripping drummer . But most people dont know about Boz. Boz's performances with RKL toward the end of their career, which i saw a few, were in my opinion the sickest hardcore punk drumming ever to be done. I know there are some other killer guys, a band in australia i cant remember the name.. also Boz + Chris + Bomer from RKL had a band called the Other, which was awesome.. theres one album.

Nov 12, 2015
Very influential drummer with incredible style and skill NEW
by: StayRad

Derrick Plourde was probably the best drummer the punk music has ever seen. Although there's no such thing as "the best drummer" since drumming is an art, not a sport/competition, and everything is in the eye/ear of the beholder/listener, if you try to objectively measure the pure skill of an individual drummer, then Derrick, in my opinion, leads the pack.

Derrick's playing was full of new stuff never heard before in punk. Few drummers come close to introducing the level of innovation in punk music that Derrick has introduced (Travis Barker comes close, but he lacks the speed and technique that Derrick had, although Travis is very skilled). Dynamics, odd-times, speed, poly-rhythms, doubles with the bass pedal, highly syncopated parts,... Derrick simply had it all. He was so versatile and creative at composing beats and fills and listening to his playing with Lagwagon or Mad Caddies all these years later and still discovering the fine details is really the best testament to his greatness.

In short - Derrick was one of the most influential drummers in punk music and he is the 'must listen' for all young and aspiring punk rock/metal drummers. :)

Nov 09, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 03, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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May 21, 2015
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May 15, 2015
Derrick Plourde - (probably) the most skilled punk drummer ever NEW
by: Greg

There's really nothing to say other than just - listen to what Derrick Plourde did "in his prime" between 1994. and 2000. (in Lagwagon or RKL or mad Caddies) Soooo many examples of how skillfull this guy was. He was fast, accurate, could mix progressive rock with punk seamlessly, with incredible ideas for grooves and fills....

In my opinion (and I've been drumming for over 20 years) Derrick Plourde is THE best that punk music had. Yes, Travis barker, Josh Freese, Jordan Burns (Strung Out) or Dave Raun (current Lagwagon drummer) are all great drummers, but none of them are so well rounded and versatile with technique and ideas.

From a pure technical standpoint and skill, Derrick Plurde is simply better than any other punk drummer.

Sep 25, 2013
Better examples of Derrick's skills NEW
by: Anonymous

The posted songs are not even close to his best drumming. I recommend songs like "Rifle" (very tough to play) or "Move the car" (for some great dynamics and linear drumming goodness), both while he was drumming for Lagwagon. Aside from that, listen to "Mary Melody" (jazzy stuff) and "We'll Start To Worry When The Cynics Start Believing" (excellent groove) while he was in Mad Caddies. There are countless more examples ("Bury The Hatchet", "Kids Don't Like To Share" with some polyrhythmic parts), but these really stand out.

Now THESE songs really demonstrate what Derrick could do. By far the most technical playing in punk music. The only one who comes close, IMO, is a guy from a Italian punk bend Beerbong (Paolo Crimi is the name and it is so obvious that he was inspired by Derrick's drumming). Derrick was an innovator who raised a bar in punk while most of the current punk drummers who are considered "the best" are really just fast with no innovation whatsoever.

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