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Confused - Ringo Starr

by Michael
(Las Vegas, NV)

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

We had Ringo in our arena a couple of years ago (2008 or 2009) for the Ringo and Friend's Tour. Ringo's drum kit was featured on stage, but his mics were not on. Ringo was so bad that his drum mics had to be muted. The audience heard the guest drummer that played the entire show, even while Ringo was supposedly playing.

There is real evidence that Ringo is very untalented and unable to provide even a basic beat for the most basic music. I have heard and seen it for myself. That is not something I thought up from ignorance. He is NOT gifted, talented, or amazing. But he is a legend.

I do not understand how Ringo could have made it to the top aside from his association with Paul and John.

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Apr 09, 2017
A real Star to me NEW
by: R.A. Ballard - Saxophone

I Ringo was the one actually playing the solo on "The End" - he is a great drummer. I have never heard otherwise. I know this -I grew up on the Beatles and can spot his drumming style a mile away.
Being a musician, I know your performance can vary greatly, depending on how you feel. I feel Ringo is a real trooper and would not resort to muting his mikes.
I noticed recently how much the theme from Mad Men
sounded like Ringo. I thought it WAS him.
I also notice similarities with Carl Palmer of ELP, but I dare say he wasnt directly copying Ringo.
Ringo will always be the affable, funny Beatle
to me. That doesnt mean he isnt a true, talented musician.

Feb 17, 2017
Ringo not best drummer in the room NEW
by: Anonymous

The comment attributed to John that Ringo was not even the best drummer in the room is totally incorrect. That comment came from a music writer who made it up because he had nothing to write for his column. John never said that, as Paul attested to.

Feb 11, 2013
Not Ringo Confused...A confused Ringo , confused person claiming to be a sound guy! NEW
by: Anonymous (a "guitar guy"

To further add to "Ringo Confused" ...on a Sat morning at 10:30 or so, 6-7 hours before the afternoon soundcheck that day, we walked into the theater before breakfast to check it out and pick up our IDs, only to find Rod Argent going over material with Billy Squier on bass and Stuart Hamish on guitar, the music was part of Argents set. Ringo came in with his tech and Barbara and Zak, sat down at his kit and took over on drums to help out because Greg Bissonette had evidentally called Ringos tech and was running late due to an interview that morn. He was on the road with two different bands at one time, the acts were shadowing the other so Bisonnete could do both...I guess, tho it was never stated directly to me anyway.

Meanwhile, the All-Starr-Sound-Squad (sound team for the tour), myself and our other guitarist, and Bisonnete (amazing guy, a more amazing drummer/percussionist) walked in after they were already working on She's Not There and were treated to a 20-25 minute rock solid jam in the middle of She's Not There...Argents B3/Piano solo was off the charts...jazz,rock,flamenco,swing, just going for it big time while drinking tea! Squier did a great job on bass and vox and Stuart played just a blistering mind=blowing solo while Starr finessed, slammed and beat his kit... playing one great fill after another. Bissonette howled, clapped and whisteled at the end along with Barbara and Zak and the Sound Squad and was obviously bowled over by Ringo (and the entire jam for that matter). All before breakfast. We had seen something private and special, I'll never forget it anyway (everyone probably has already LOL). Rod Argent is something to behold.... The jam covered space in every direction with huge volume dynamics, wiold crescendos, rock steady smooth soloing and a dynamic ending that Ringo led the band thru. It was amazing, without Ringos 50s/60's/70's drum sensibilties, it would have just been a quick work out and on to eat. He had a great time and it showed, so did I.

Feb 11, 2013
Ringo....drums muted...pure crap from a confused "human being" NEW
by: Anonymous

We were front and center for 4 consecutive Ringo and Friends concerts, because...we opened four shows! All on the east coast in 2008, so you figure it out (no, we're not The Knack). Prior to every show, Ringo spent a solid 20-30 minutes replacing drum-heads, tuning and mic-ing his kit with his tech and then another 10 to 15 minutes testing out vocal mics and getting the monitors placed and EQ'ed. He clearly knew what he wanted to hear, was a dedicated pro and played his kit so hard during the show that you would have heard every single beat in the next county even if his mics were muted. He was as solid as a rock. Our drummer was back stage, along with another 10-15 guest drummers that come for the show and not one had a negative comment of any kind. It was all....he's incredible!

Aug 03, 2012
Your confused alright NEW
by: Anonymous

Clearly written by someone who knows nothing about ringo and even less about good drumming.

Apr 03, 2012
Ringo is the best NEW
by: Anonymous

I was a member of Ringo's setup team and I can honestly say that Ringo's drums are always mic'd This posting is a terible injustice on one of the worlds best ever drummers. He adds something very special to all of the Beatles songs said by Phil Collins himself.

Nov 18, 2011
Ringo NEW
by: Anonymous

If you listen to early Beatles, Ringo is playing in one or two takes. For years I thought he was little more than average but looking back he was very good with a mix of 50's and 60's style. Perhaps today in his late 60's they need to cut his mics but if I had the drink and drugs he has had for 40 years I would be happy if I could hold my bladder for 10 mins!

Nov 05, 2011
Simple, but just right...
by: Anonymous

This topic came up with a friend, but we concluded that his complete lack of musical intelligence actually may have helped him. He does play with a VERY basic style, but his sound is unique and is very important to the overall sound that make the Beatles legendary. Just some late night thoughts...

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