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Top 5 Best Cheap Drum Sets

Looking for a cheap kit? After searching for ages the best prices I found were here online. Check them out!

Top 5 Best Cheap Drum Sets

So, you're looking for cheap drum sets right? Well, here we have the top 5 best value drum sets around at the moment. They're the best sounding, best built, and most feature heavy you'll find in this lower price range.

And, we've hunted down the cheapest place to buy these sets with free delivery as well; so make sure you see the bottom of this page to find out where to get hold of 'em cheaply.

Here's a quick note to keep in mind. There are other cheap drums available at a lower price than the top 5 listed here, but they don't sound anywhere near as good. Brands like Pulse, Cannon, and Sound Percussion are among the cheapest drum sets around, but they don't really compare to the sets here in our top 5.

If you are on a very tight budget, or you are a parent buying for a child, you can still consider buying these cheaper sets though. Here's a link to the very cheapest sets (including used sets) that you can buy online. But, if you can afford too, it's well worth spending a little extra on the better drum sets listed below.

So, What Are The Best Low Cost Drum Kits?

1. Tama Imperialstar

Tama Imperialstar

In the number 1 spot it's the Tama Imperialstar. This was Tama's flagship drum set back in the 1970's and 1980's when the likes of Stewart Copeland from The Police used to play it.

It's made a comeback in a big way and now offers superb sound and quality for drummers on a budget. With a nice choice of colour wrap finishes, and some solid stands, it's a great kit for the price. Here's our full Tama Imperialstar review (opens in a new window).

2. Pearl Forum Series

Forum Series

A close 2nd is the Pearl Forum Series. This has been one of the more popular drum sets that Pearl have produced, and it delivers a quality sound for the low price.

Sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive kit, but it's the sound that really matters and that's what Pearl have focused on with this set. Here's our full Pearl Forum Series review (opens in a new window).

3. Ludwig Accent

Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite

As one of the most iconic drum brands ever, it's no suprise that Ludwig have a great budget drum set to offer as well. The Ludwig Accent sits at the bottom of Ludwig's range, and it represents great value for money.

Again, it's been built with the quality of the sound being the most important thing, while fancy extras have been kept to a minimum. Here's our full Ludwig Accent review (opens in a new window).

4. Ddrum Diablo

Ddrum Diablo

In 4th is the Ddrum Diablo. Ddrum's sets are getting better and better, and this budget set can really pack a punch! It's not perfect, but the toms and bass drum are especially good, and with stands included it's a good deal.

The set is available with a choice of a red, black, or white wrap finish that'll suit most budget concious drummers just fine. It's pretty good and definately worth considering. Check here for prices.

5. Taye RockPro

Taye RockPro

Finishing off our top 5 is the Taye RockPro. Taye are another one of those brands who've been gradually increasing the quality of their drum sets. The RockPro can totally hold its own even against some of the more well known brand's budget drum sets.

With a good choice of colours/finishes and some decent stands thrown in, the RockPro still offers a good quality sound, but at a slightly lower price than the drum sets listed above. Look here for prices .

Where's the cheapest place to buy these sets? Here's the cheapest site i've found! You'll often get free delivery too! Hopefully this article will help you get a good deal. But remember, you generally do get what you pay for, so if you do decide to buy one of the cheapest drum sets, the sound and build quality will be limited.

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