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Buddys Temperment and Getting High

by Gretschman
(Hartford Ct, USA)

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich

Back in 1977 Buddy Rich and his Band came to The Chateau de Ville Dinner Theater in East Windsor Ct. At that time I worked as Asst Manager/Bar Manager.

Buddy's Band showed up in a Tour Bus. Buddy showed up in his yellow Dino Ferarri. We had a Exclusive Dressing Room for celiberties, I received a Call from his Manager Stanley Kay who at one time was a Drummer also.

I'm also a professional drummer now but back then a struggling intern on drums. The drum tech that worked for Buddy was delayed and the show was going on in two hours.

I told him not to worry i've been a fan/admirer, devoted worshiper of Buddy so I had the honor of setting up his kit. He was playing Slingerland drums then and Zildjian cymbals.

I set them the way i've seen him play at least 20 times before, but I had to go on memory anyway, god was with me because I nailed it perfectly. Buddy was very thankfull and autographed a drum head and gave me a pair of his personnel sticks which I treasure to this day, and took a picture with me also autographed.

To ralph one stand up guy thanks Buddy Rich. After his performance he was signing autographs and taking pictures with adoring fans there was this one kid with his father who were annoying through Buddys performance and after, jumped ahead in line.

Now this kid and his father were a piece of work, I stood there and witnessed this. When it came to be his turn, he nozzles up to Buddy and stands along side him just as they were ready to snap the picture this kid takes his arm/elbow and puts it on Buddy's shoulder.

It was classic Buddy, he turns quickly and yells at the kid quote: "What do I look like a fucking pigeon, stand there like a man and never do that to anybody especially me".

The kid started to bawl and his fathers jaw hit the floor speechless, he took the picture alright, standing next to the one and only Buddy Rich the kid bawling his eyes out.

I loved it. Another epidsode happened, I brought a corned beef sandwich to his dressing room, there's Buddy sitting on a leather high back chair with a towel underneath him stark naked he just got out of the shower, that was another feature we provided anyway, he asked me for some BOO.

I said "Buddy, what the fuck is Boo?". He laughed and made a remark about us country bumpkin fucks, he said pot,marjiuana. I told him I'd try to get some for him.

I go to the kitchen were we had these young kitchen workers, the ones that wash dishes and have a ton of acne on their faces, I came in and announced who has some reefer, pot for sale I need some quick almost everyone of them denied they smoked it.

Of coarse they had some so I told them who ever gets me some real good shit, I'll give them the day off with pay plus pay for their pot. Anyway, some young kid came up and produced a bag of good stuff so I carried it up to Buddy's Room and the kid provide rolling papers too.

Buddy looked at the bag of pot and went into this sarcasstic shick about what is this? What's with all the seeds and twigs? What is this shit? So, I took it back to the kid and told him to fix it, which he did and the rest, well, is history.


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Nov 30, 2016
Burnin' for Buddy NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for a great story. Did you save Buddy's roach? Yes,let's all smoke a bowl for Buddy! Thanks again from John & Peter (Sun Ra Research)

Jul 23, 2010
Thx for the post... incredibly hilarious...
by: Jeff Goodall

Awesome Gretchman - that was the funniest s**t I've read in ages - incredible of you to share -- the way you wrote it puts the reader right into the scene... you're lucky to have had those experiences with the great BR!

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