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John Bonham
Steve Gadd
Ringo Starr
Keith Moon
Carl Palmer
Gene Krupa
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Stewart Copeland
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Mike Portnoy

Best Drummers is an Opinion

by Terry Shores
(Jamestown Kentucky)

Danny Carey

Danny Carey

Danny Carey from tool is the greatest drummer of all time. Neil Peart is good but he is not the best everyone is always saying he is but that was the old generation of drummers.

People need to get with the times and realize guys like Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Carey of Tool, Ulrich of Metallica and Tommy Lee are now the greats its no longer Bonham, Moon and Peart.

Get with the times people listen to some new people dont be stuck to one kind of music. Try new drummers put up a forum take votes dont go on personal opinions.

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Jan 19, 2017
Thomos Max NEW
by: Thomos Max

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Apr 13, 2016
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It is true that every generation has its geniuses.

Nov 11, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Dec 02, 2014
Peart NEW
by: Anonymous

Anyone saying Peart is in the group of old drummers and not up to date with today doesn't know a drum set from a set of pots and pans. He is as contemporary as any drummer today and still out does them all at over 60 with arthritis. To say guys like Lars and Tommy Lee are better is proof of your ignorance.

Aug 14, 2011
Fantastic Article
by: A Connoisseur of drums

I enjoyed reading through your top 100, thanks for putting it together.

I'm surprised you put Neil Peart ahead of John Bonham though. I would personally have Bonham first then Peart second. why? Because of the intro to "When the levee breaks". Just those four bars of unaccompanied drumming prove Bonham's unique feel and talent. Don't get me wrong, I love Neil Peart's drumming too - the diversity and complexity is mesmerising, but Bonham had all of that plus a little something extra - something that transcends words.

On a completely un-related point, Why is it that there is not one single woman in your top 100? Surely there must be some great female rock drummers out there? What about Hillary Jones? or even Sheila E?

Feb 27, 2011
Think of it this way
by: Anonymous

I like to think of all time greats, at anything (e.g. sports, music, television), whatever it may be, you are saying that the greatest is better in his era than others are in their era.

So who is better in their era, Neil Peart or Joey Jordison? If you say Joey Jordison you are an idiot.

Another aspect is your musical preference, it is hard for anybody to look at this objectively, and the previous posts prove my point. You may like Slipknot better than Rush, does not mean Joey is better than Neil. You may like Rush better than Slipknot, does not mean Neil is better than Joey. My point is, you are more than likely to pick your favorite drummer rather than who is the better drummer.

Feb 14, 2011
best drummers
by: lasz

There are two types of drummers - good and bad. There really is not a gradation. Comparing Elvin to Joey is like comparing caviar to Kobe beef. Both are wonderful but they really have nothing in common except they are food. And like a lot of things you either like it or you don't.

Everyone has their favorite car, beer and drummer etc etc but there is no best. Even saying so-and-so is the fastest is arguably not possible, nor does it matter.

I say - enjoy. BTW what makes a drummer bad in my books is that it is not musical, lacks dynamics and gets in the way of the tune.

As for fucking old guys in suits? Hey, if you are drinking the water, remember who dug the well.

Signed Old Guy - who has played more gigs than most of you have had hot meals.

There was life prior to three years ago.

Feb 05, 2011
The "F*** Old guys in suits."
by: Anonymous

Not that I totally disagree with the first commentator, but you need a reality check.
As “2nd anonymous” stated, when you get into, “The greatest drummers, it becomes more a matter of preference, and taste than actually, is Bruford better than Peart. They’re both amazing, but in different ways.

I’ve played drums for 30 years now. First, “Anonymous 1,” consider what some of the great drummers of the newer bands, like Joey Jordison, (Who is great), Danny Carey, (Tool), Jimmy Sullivan, (Avenged Sevenfold), attribute their greatness, drumming styles, and inspiration to begin playing in the first place to, “Those fucking old guys in suits!” Read their interviews sometime.

I’m not a huge Ginger Baker, or Mitch Mitchell fan, BUT, the groundwork of their hard hitting Rock styles, there may have been no John Bonham's, or Keith Moon’s.

Keith Moon, Bohnam, Ian Gillian, & Carl Palmer, are the were the next generation of drummer who made it possible for the progressive, and Metal sounds of today. You’ve got to lay groundwork, and these, “Fucking old guys,” were fucking incredible drummers, and more innovative than some of the one trick ponies in some of today’s bands. Drummers today think that if you can play the bass drums as fast as possible, for as long as possible, you’re great. Bullshit!
Drumming is about, Feel, heart, soul, taste, melody, time, putting the right fill in the right place, not just, “Hauling Ass.” Any monkey can be fast with enough practice. A real drummer concentrates on proper time, laying down a pocket, and lending an original feel to the song. Feel is not something you can be taught. You are either born with it, or you suck.

I advise you to stop listening to how fast someone can play, and listen for style and some technique. “Flying with your feet,” is not technique, it’s repetition, and it gets old, and fucking obnoxious real fast.

Listen to how Protnoy, Aldedge, Barriemore Barlow, (Who should have been on that list, use their bass drum treatments to further a song, add to, and augment the melody, not overwhelm a song with noise, overplaying with their diarrhea of the feet, mentalities.

If you really want your mind blown, listen to Louie Belson, and yes, Coluita, Gadd, Smith, Dave Weckl. Even Jordison, Palmer, & Barlow bow to these guys.

Some of the “New guys,” are great, but ALLOT of one trick pony’s too. But I guarantee you, all of them attribute their greatness, to the Ringo’s, Mitchell’s, and Bonham’s of this world.
I will echo. Are you even a drummer?
I doubt it!

Feb 04, 2011
crap ranking
by: Anonymous

the top drummer according to this site is crap. Its all old guys. dead guys. it totally crap. Every very years people get better and better. Joey Jordison is my all time favorite. I only listen slipknot for his talent. And there is no way to proof his the best. But really he is better then a fucken old guy in a suit

Dec 09, 2010
there is no "best drummer"
by: Anonymous

my god, you must not be a drummer, or even a musician for that matter. first off, there is no "best", it's music and very personnal. that being said, you can certainly narrow the fiedl down based simply on technique. danny carey is an excellant player and one of my personnal favorites. based on technique, bobby jarzombek is head and shoulders above anybody else, with guys like gavin harrison,thomas lang, haake and portnoy close behind. we wont even mention the crazy skills of jazz guys like coluita, gadd, smith etc. now, just to straighten you out, i like lee but hes not even in the top 200, nor is ulrich. did you know charlie benante played most of and justice for all? innovators like bonham and moon are huge influences, and even guys like lee, jordison,grohl, will tell you this. you really need to do your homework before making such ignorant comments.

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