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Buddy Rich
Neil Peart
John Bonham
Steve Gadd
Ringo Starr
Keith Moon
Carl Palmer
Gene Krupa
Max Roach
Elvin Jones
Ginger Baker
Billy Cobham
Stewart Copeland
Dennis Chambers
Jaki Leibezeit
Terry Bozzio
Bill Bruford
Hal Blaine
Mike Portnoy

Are You Kidding Me?

by Tim

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich

Hogland, Ulrich, Barker, Adler, McBrain? Over Rich, Blakey, Krupa, Roach, Williams, Morello, Weckl.

This list just shows how the drumming world has changed. Speed and no sense of musicality over speed and grace of the drum kit. The drummers of years gone by were the ones who made most of these guys on this list want to play the drums in the first place.

To have no place on this list for any of the old guard is horrible. I for one think that the number 1 overall drummer should be Gene Krupa, and Buddy second only because Krupa had better style and wasn't nearly as sloppy as Rich. And they had some terrific drum battles that all drummers should watch.

NOTE: the team would like to point out that our list is for the best ROCK drummers. And does not include drummers who where mainly JAZZ or FUSION drummers such as the ones mentioned above.

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Sep 23, 2015
Education NEW
by: Rafael N. Elwell

Music field has become very vast and advance due to latest technology. Such instruments like drums are also mentioned in best writing service by people who are fond of them. Here in the blog there is some information about the famous drummers of world and advancement in this field.

Jul 30, 2013
have you even listened to what you dismiss? NEW
by: todd pierson

Unsure if you have ever heard Gene Hoglan play if you dismiss him so easily. He is absolutely drumming perfection at speeds perfectly matching the needs of his music. No one is capable of being more accurate or as fast or inventive. You have mentioned some great drummers, albeit not really rock oriented. My personal favorites would have to be Igor Cavalera from Sepultura, Dave Lombardo from Slayer, and Gene Hoglan from Death.

Nov 29, 2012
My Bad picked em' wrong NEW
by: Tim USA

I didn't read the title correctly(100 Best ROCK drummers)I still say that Krupa is the Best drummer ever.As far as the best Rock drummer its got to be Bonham.He did alot with least amount of drums as compared to Peart,Portnoy,and guys with alot of equipment.Sorry for the mix up.Keep drummin' kids!!!!!!!

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