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Ace's Top 10 Drummers

by Ace

Neil Peart

Neil Peart

I do not know the drums very well, so my list will be discredited, debunked and torn apart; but these are the drummers that make me love the instrument so much. This is not a list of my 10 greatest drummers, but my 10 favorite drummers.

10. John Rutsey-Not a very great drummer, but "Working Man" is a fast pace song that I believe set the bar for when Neil Peart stepped in. He deserves at least a little credit and tie in with Rush. I am giving it to him.

9. Travis Barker-I am not a blink-182 fan and I think the guy is a huge sell out. But I always return his remix of Soulja Boy and am blown away by that drum solo. He has decent complexity, but the guy is an absolute nut job and has great energy.

8. Lars Ulrich-The guy is not very complex and is very conservative when staying with the high-hat and the cymbal splashes. Listen to "Battery", the guy has tremendous speed and weaves his drumming in so well to Metallicas music, makes it very enjoyable

7. Dave Lombardo-I do not know alot about this guy but I have seen videos and am blown away by his speed and complexity.

6. Bob Bryar-Former drummer of My Chemical Romance, my favorite band, I am simply playing favorites with this guy. I love the opening to "Welcome to the Black Parade."

5. The Rev-Again playing favorites. Say what you want about him and say what you want about Avenged Sevenfold, all I have to say is "Beast and the Hartlot", "Chapter Four", "Unholy Confessions" and "Almost Easy". The guy is good, end of story. And the guy sings.

4. Mike Portnoy-Simply phenomonal, enough said.

3. John Bohnam-The guy is a legend, and Bonzo's Montreux is a very catchy song. By far one of the most influential drummers of all time.

2. Keith Moon-The most influential drummer of all time, he did indeed break the barrier for others like John Bohnam and Neil Peart. The guy is completely crazy and a great drummer.

1. Neil Peart-Do I need to even explain why he is number 1? Ok, I will; but I am not going to talk about the obvious reasons this publisher has said. I will just say that listen to Rush, and try to imagine their music with a simpler drummer, and you have a lesser band, (of course that is true for all three of their musicians).

Next listen to "Der Trommler", the drum solo on R30; extremely catchy, and it shows that he is truely the king of drum solos.

Finally, listen to "Red Barchetta", his master piece. The song is not his most complex, but it is complex and it weaves so well with the song that I am blown away.

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Sep 21, 2015
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